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WhatsApp introduce a new feature of 2022?

How To Create A Poll In WhatsApp

Hi, guys, I hope you are all fine, in this article we will tell you about WhatsApp introducing a new feature of 2022? the new feature of WhatsApp, that will be launched in 2022. In WhatsApp features Group Chat Polls will be launched Soon, I think this is the best feature of WhatsApp because this feature is similar to Telegram.

Through the current beta version of WhatsApp, the dependable WABetaInfo has found details of the planned functionality. A future WhatsApp upgrade, according to their research, will allow you to create polls directly within WhatsApp groups. By putting a question in the bar below, any group member will be able to ask the group chat’s opinion.

new feature of WhatsApp-techitcore.com
new feature of WhatsApp-techitcore.com

According to the WhatsApp feature tracker, polls will be end-to-end encrypted like regular WhatsApp discussions, meaning that only the members of the group will be able to access the results.

Because this feature is still in development, there is no further information available at this time.

WhatsApp introduces new features every year, WhatsApp features 2021 is a beta version that will help you to connect one time WhatsApp for PC and it will remain connected for 30 days meaning 1 month.

WhatsApp is also working on a Community Tab, which is linked to this story. This will bring together all of your community-related group chats in one place.

Group admins will be able to add their groups to this tab, making maintenance easier. Message replies and the option to pause and play voice messages while recording is also being worked on by the talking app.

All of these improvements are planned to be included in future upgrades, although no specific launch date has been set. Keep an eye out for updates.

I hope you like this article if you know What are the hidden features of WhatsApp you will comment in the section and I will write an article on this thanks.

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