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Top 6 Best Android Apps December 2021

There are thousands of free Android Apps are available on the play store, but you don’t know which app is best for you and which app is used in your daily life. In this article, we will tell you Best Android Apps in December 2021.

Google Docs

This app has a lot of features, using this app you will easily create your file documents or you can also edit your document.

You can also share and collaborate documents at the same time. Google Docs work anywhere, anytime even it works offline.

You will also add comments under your documents and it will save your file automatically as you type. It will also give you permission to export you’re your document in .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or Html format. Google Docs is available for all of your devices.

Best Android Apps December
Best Android Apps December

Disable Touch

You will understand the name of the app, using this app, you will disable your mobile phone touch when you see videos on youtube, Mx player and Facebook, etc.

How to use disable touch mobile app?

First, install this app, and second, you will see a notification on your phone, in the next step enable this notification in which application you want for example you will see videos from youtube and you want to

Enable this app then go ahead and enable notification from your phone.


Viral Icon Pack

The viral icon app is available for all of your devices. This app gives 4 hundred thousand trending icons that you will easily use. Beautiful icon color and it will change each day.

And this will also include 200 wallpapers, that you will easily apply or download wallpaper, also customize wallpaper.

Opera GX

Opera Gx is made basically for gamers, and it will be capable on all devices and it is also a secure app.

 Benefits of Opera Gx

  • This app provides you the upcoming daily news gaming, an upcoming release trailer, and a calendar and it’s provided everything that a gamer needs.
  • It will provide you to design custom themes like GX Classic.
Viral icon
Viral icon

Connect Opera GX with PC

  • You will connect your Opera GX mobile app with your PC using QR Code.
  • Scan a QR Code to connect your phone with computer flow. It’s will be encrypted and safe so don’t worry, no login and password required for this. Using this app,
  • you will simply send videos, files, and notes to yourself in a single click, and access these documents from your web browser on all your devices.
  • You will use this app as a search browser like google, yahoo, and opera, etc.

Privacy Dashboard

Privacy dashboard will tell you which apps are accessing your data without your permission, this will also track location, and tell you which app uses your microphone, also tell you which app accessing or using your mobile phone camera, and many more other functions.

Features of Privacy Dashboard

  • It has a beautiful interface.
  • This app is a more secure and privacy indicator.
  • Provide light and dark themes.

Clipt Android App

Using this app, you will simply and safely send text, videos, photos, and files by synchronizing your phone and PC. It is very easy to copy a file from one device and paste it into another because of creating a link by using clipt.

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