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The best android apps of 2021(Techitcore)

There are many apps on the play store but you did not know which app is best for you and your phone or which other device you will use, but don’t worry we will tell you The best android apps of 2021 for your device so we will tell you the very one best app is.

This android app is capable of tablets and the most important thing is that this app is not best for money-earning, this is only for android mobile users.

best android apps 2021 reddit

These android apps are the best in both India and Pakistan, mostly use in the UK.

  True Amps

True Amps is used when your phone is charging and it gives you a lot of features like when your phone is charging then its show a beautiful animation, weather reports, it also gives you permission to customize the style and gives many more features, and most important things is that no ads run in this app. You should see a unique charging animation experience. If you want to deactivate this app you will simply unplug your phone or device, and it’s free to use.

Fluid Simulation

This app is very amazing because it has a lot of animations and graphics, an interactive environment. This app helps you to change the color palette which you want, you will also set it as wallpaper which makes your phone more attractive.

The best android apps of
The best android apps of
  • Its reviews are 4.7
  • rating is 3+
  • 10M+ downloads.

Battery Sound Notification

Battery sound notification is the best android apps of 2021, You will understand already when you read the name of the app, but we will tell you this app is used for notification when your phone is charging it has a lot of custom features.

Specification is

  • The review of this app is 9k
  • Rating is about 3+
  • The downloader of this app is 5M+

Features and benefits

You will add custom sound notification mean you can choose any audio file which you want to play.

It gives the option of custom battery percentage, which means if you want to add notification when your phone battery is half you will do this.

  • Text to speech
  • Ringtones
  • Sleep mode

Its option

  • Battery Full
  • Battery Low
  • Battery Charging
  • Battery Discharging
  • Battery Plugged
  • Battery Unplugged

Spren Notification Manager

This app is used for blocking your fake notification and protect your phone from unknown subscription notifications which you don’t follow or which you did not know, and it will help you to reduce your distractions notifications and clear your phone from unusual notifications. You will also customize notifications for specific app mean favorite apps which you want to give priority.


  • Its reviews are almost 4.5K
  • Rating is 3 plus
  • The download is about 10k+

Who touched my phone

I think you will understand the name of the app but we will also tell you how can this app work, when you will install this app and set this app from setting when anyone wants to try to unlock your phone this app captures the picture of this person using the front camera of your phone and save this in your phone gallery, and this app is available for all of your devices.

Specifications of app

  • Its reviews are 4.7(170k reviews)
  • App rating is 3+
  • Download is 10M+

Access Dots

The app is very famous nowadays because it’s a lot of features, this app tells you which app uses your phone camera basically this option is available on iPhone.

The best android apps of
The best android apps of

Its Specifications

  • Its reviews are 4k+
  • App rating is 3+
  • Download is 10k+

Photo math

Photo Math is very useful for a student who which not good in math you will simply capture question and upload it this app solve the question but most important thing this app is only for math (algebra, algorithm, linear Equation) and many other math questions, etc. It will also help you to solve tricky homework or class assignment work step-by-step.

Specification of Photo Math

  • Its reviews are 4.7*(2M reviews)
  • App rating is 3+
  • Download is 100M+

Night Eyes

The app is very useful for those who capture photos at night because our phone camera result is not good at night so that’s why we will recommend you to install this app and enjoy this app and capture beautiful photos at night.

The best android apps of
The best android apps of



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