How to earn money for website

We will tell you 9 ways to earn money for a website if you don’t know how can make a website. we will also tell you how to earn money website using ads.

How to earn money online website

I will tell you how can earn money online and also tell you which best site to make money online. These all are free money-earning sites. These sites are also trusted online money making sites for students.

  • Fiver.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Etsy.com
  • Wonder.com
  • Swap.com

9 Best Websites to Make Money Online

  1. Google ads
  2. Affiliate Link
  3. Sponsored Ads
  4. Sponsored Content
  5.  Sell Products
  6. Selling Courses
  7. Selling membership
  8. Accept Donations
  9. Flip Your Website

Google Adsense

You will go to google and search google ads you will click on the first link and create your first google ads account then you will place ads on your website and earn cash.

Affiliate Link

You will earn money with affiliate links (such as Ebook, WordPress theme and plugin, and all other products) and you will take affiliate links from any website such as Aliexpress, Daraz.

You will earn your affiliate link when anyone visits your site and clicks on an affiliate link and go to the original website where your affiliate products are placed when they purchase products you will get your affiliate commission and through is this method you earn money.

Sponsored Ads

If any people tell you placed my sponsored ads and I will pay you 500$ for one month so that’s is amazing, you will simply add a picture for sponsored and get money.

Sponsored Content

In sponsored content people give our content and tell you to add to post this content on your website and I will give money for this post in this method you will not work and earn money free of cost so it’s amazing or not.

Sell Products

Today there are over 24 million eCommerce sites and that generates profit  1000$ in annual and it’s increase day by day.

In this method you will easily earn money by selling products for example your website is eCommerce.

Selling Courses

In this method, you will sell your courses on your website and take charge of your courses as you wish and earn a lot of money from this method. This course is such as WordPress, development, and graphics.

Selling membership

You can earn cash by selling membership, for example, your website is a community website and you will charges a monthly fee for membership and doing this way you will easily make money, and remember one thing your website is active always.

Accept Donations

Put accept donations method in your website and earn cash, people visit your website if they like your website and they donate money to your website with PayPal or Stripe payment method.

Flip Your Website

If your website is a good ranking and impression and is also monetized or not you will easily flip your website and earn a lot of cash which you want I think this is the best method. So hurry up and create simple websites that will help to make money. Please tell me in the comments section which method is best.


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