How to download Instagram pro and its features

How to download Instagram pro or GB Instagram?

In this article, we will tell you how to download Instagram pro and its features.

For downloading Instagram pro or GB Instagram. Please click on the given link below for downloading Instagram pro or GB Instagram for android.

GB Instagram Pro APK download 2021

                  Download for Android                    

Click on the link below to download for pc windows.

                 Download for PC

After downloading, please click on install “install Instagram pro” after a few times Instagram will install on your pc or android phone. Now open it and verify with your email. After this given process enjoys the Instagram pro or GB Instagram application.

Instagram pro features Detail

Click on your profile on right below corner and then click on three lines on the right-top corner and then next click on InstaPro settings.

you how to download Instagram pro and its
you how to download Instagram pro and its
  1. The first option is given in the setting is the “theming option” that use to change the theme means that chat background theme or set a background image as wallpaper etc.
  2. The second option is the launcher option used to change the launcher icon Instagram pro application. Many other options like checking updates for downloading the latest version of GBWhatsapp. The main best option for you is privacy.
  3. The first option in the privacy option is Hide view stories The options used to don’t tell anyone if you viewed stories.
  4. The second option is don’t mark the message as reading  this option is used to don’t tell the sender you have read the message.
  5. The third option is Live Ghost Mode this option is used to don’t tell anyone you joined the live session.
  6. The fourth option is Hide Topic status in DM this option is used to don’t use your typing status.
you how to download Instagram pro and its
you how to download Instagram pro and its

In the general option, one option isDisable shopping items in search this option is used to disable the ad of shopping items. One other main option is given in Instagram pro is the Unfollowings tracker this option used to track that person who doesn’t follow you. This option provides the UnFollower list after one or two hours.

  • One other option is “Download setting” in the download setting many options available like setting the fixed download path for every content.
  • You can enable the “download on notification” option used to show a notification after downloading any file etc.

One other and more useful option is “Feed and stories setting” in this option one option is given “disable stories” if you enable this option you are able to don’t view any story. If you enable the option of “disable ads” you are able to stop all ads.

  • One better option of Instagram pro is more essay to any content or file in Instagram pro download option is available below any video in this application.
  • One or more options are available to improve the quality of photos.
  • You can enable the option of full-screen stories it options maybe work on some devices or on some devices not.

One more firmest option is “backup setting” the use of this option for backup data if data lose in any undesirable activities. ”App lock” is the firmest option to prevent your data from sharing. You can enable the app lock option after enabling this option app will not open without a password. All these are Instagram pro features and these features are most used fully for Instagram users. Many others use the full options available in this application but most use the full option covered in this article.


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