How reduce video size in amazing way without losing quality?

Hi, all of you guys I hope you are all fine. I will tell you about the hand brake video editor. I observe that most students and many other people face the problem of the large size of the video. If they reduce the size of the video directly the quality of the video is also reduced. User demand size of video minimum and quality of size maximum.

I want to fulfill the customer’s demand mean size of the video is negligible and the quality of the video is better. One software you use to achieve this demand the software name isHand Brake. The hand brake is the PC window-compatible software.

This software is not compatible with Android and any other handheld device. The setup size of this Handbrake software is only 13MB. This software is used to reach the customer size and quality demand. This software is not a large size and heavy demand specification software and not a more complex software.

reduce video

How do you install and download free handbrake?

You can download this hand brake video editor software free by clicking the download button below.HandBrake for Windows 7, handbrake download 64-bit, HandBrake free download, handbrake 32-bit, Handbrake for PC and HandBrake for Windows 10.

Download Now

      After downloading you need to install hand brake video editor software but now this question arises how you install it. First of all, you need to extract the WinRAR file. After extract needs to install and the installation process of this software is very easy as all other software. This software is full free and easy to use.

How do we use a hand brake to reduce the video size?

To reduce the size of videos you need to follow these simple following steps.

  • First of all, you need to open the software.
  • Secondly, you need to drag the large-size video or any video you want to reduce the size and drop it at the panel of the hand brake video editor.
  • After dropping wait for some time and then press the button of Start Encode
  • It takes some to reduce the video size and then save at the already save as selecting a location.
  • When you start to encode video size decreasing
  • process is shown in percentage.
  • You can check this video on your PC by checking the Save as location
  • You will see amazing results after this process.

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