How install wordpress on localhost

How to install WordPress on localhost Xampp

Assalam Alikum I hope you’re all fine during this article I’ll teach you how to install WordPress on localhost. In the initial step, I’ll tell you about XAMMP SERVER.

We will also tell you, how to install WordPress on localhost windows 10

First, you may download the Xammp server from this link


Once the download is finished you’ll run the Xammp server if you have installed antivirus then you will show a warning box.

You will merely click on the ok button and go to the next step.

Once you’ll reach these steps you’ll merely click on the Next button and continue. On the upcoming screen, you’ll reach the element of the Xammp, and wherever you merely choose which element you want to install. You’ll merely choose these two components of XAMMP.


You will merely understand from this picture

When you check this two-step then you click on the Next button. In this step, you’ll select a folder to install XAMMP. I will always keep it in default but if your PC does have not much space for this you will simply choose another folder.

On the next screen, you will see a prompt asking to learn more about Bitnami for XAMMP. You will not check this you will simply again click on the Next button. Once you click on the Next button you will see your XAMMP SERVER will be ready to install on your computer.

The install process will be taking a few minutes.

Once the install process will finish you will see a prompt, You will click on the finish button Once you install XAMMP on your computer you will run this component from the XAMMP control panel



Once you start this two-component from your XAMMP Control panel.  And then you should minimize this prompt.

 Download WordPress

In this step, you will download WordPress from this link https://wordpress.org/download/. Once you download WordPress you will extract files and copy all folders.

Once you copy all folders you will go default panel or where you install XAMMP, open XAMMP htdocs folder  In htdocs, create a new folder for your test site which you want (for example folder name is techitcore this folder name is your test website name remember this) and paste all folder of WordPress which you copy remember this. If you want to access this site you will type this http://localhost/tecircore in your chrome brow

 Creating a database

Connect your WordPress with MYSQL Database from your Xammp control panel. You  will click on the admin button which will go to PhpMyAdmin where you will see the database option

 Click on database

Enter the name of your database and please remember this because you will need it for the next step. Click on create option. Next, install WordPress on a live server,  you will write on chrome http://localhost/foldername(tectitcore).

Next, enter these

  • Database name: enter the database name that you create in PhpMyAdmin
  • Username: “root”
  • Password: Leave blank this.

 Then click on submit button you will see prompts such as click on the Let’s go button and go to the next screen

       Here fill these:

  • Site Title (Which you want)
  • Username (Which you want)
  • Password (Which you want)

And check the box that confirms the password and enters your email address and then click the install WordPress button.

Next, you see a prompt like this Simply click the button your WordPress will be starting to install, once this will complete you will see the message that looks like your WordPress will be installed successfully. In the final step, your website will look like this.

How install wordpress on localhost-techitcore.com
How to install WordPress on localhost-techitcore.com


I hope this will be very helpful for you, if you like my post then please share this on social media platforms.


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