Why do you need to hide WordPress admin bar

Assalam Alikum guys I hope you will be fine. In this article, we will tell you how to hide the admin bar in WordPress for users.

How to hide WordPress admin bar for all users

First, why do you want to change/hide the WordPress login URL? or Remove the WordPress login bar for visitors, because it will be preventing your website from Brute-force Attacks. Hiding admin bar is very necessary because it will be protected your website from hacker because many of the WordPress websites will hack easily from you admin bar. When hackers multiple logins attempts then it will break your admin password. So, install this plugin and protect your website.

WordPress Hide Admin Bar plugin

WPS plugins are used to remove the WordPress login bar for visitors. WPS Hide Login Plugin is very light and easy to use and it will simply redirect your admin URL to anything which you want. It does not rename or change your website files so don’t worry easy to use. This plugin is compatible with any version of the WordPress site. It simply makes the wp-login.php and wp-admin directory inaccessible, and you can also be accessed offline or bookmark the page. If you uninstall the plugin then the website gets back to the previous state. Using this plugin you will also customize the WordPress admin bar. This plugin also remove WordPress admin bar items.

Compatibility of WPS Hide Login plugin

  • Its version is 8.6.
  • Its Active installations are about 1+ million.
  • It supports Php version 7.0 or higher.
  • Its supports a 4.1 or newer version.
  • Support another plugin in the login form like bbPress, Buddy Press, and jetpack.

All the objects related to logging in like lost passwords from expired sessions and the login widgets work as usual.

  • It does not support the theme of the plugin where wp-login.php is hardcoded.
  • Work with subfolders and subdomains and multisite.
  • The site can also rename its login URL to any random name.

Install And Activate of WPS Hide Login plugin

First search plugin within the search bar like this, if you want to direct download then click on this link


Install WPS Hide Login plugin-techitcore.com
Install WPS Hide Login plugin-techitcore.com

When you install the plugin and then activate this and go to the setting of WPS Hide Login.

Setting of WPS Hide Login plugin-techitcore.com
Setting of WPS Hide Login plugin-techitcore.com

and change your admin URL which you want, and click on save changes.

How can you access your WordPress admin bar?

When you save this then your website admin bar link changes or disable and your WordPress admin bar not showing. if anyone wants to access your website with Wp-admin then an error 404 page is displayed and when you want to access your website then you put for example Nadeem.com/login/ and you access your dashboard.

Customize WPS Hide Login plugin-techitcore.com
Customize WPS Hide Login plugin-techitcore.com


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