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Hi, guys we will compare Blogger vs WordPress which one is best in 2022 if you are bigger in the field of Blogging or you want to start your blogging career and at that time you are stuck either you create your blog at Blogger or WordPress.

So here is the detailed comparison of which one is best for your first blog or which one is more secure, reliable, easy, which one has more ownership and control and which platform are more design available or support and customer services which one gives the best.

And what’s the future bright, and the main thing is that which plate form will generate the more income means which one is best to earn money online with high voltage.

Now Comparison start

  • Popularity

First of all, we check that which one is more popular in the world so according to the W3 Techs.com which conducts web technology services conduct and have proper data which platform or website running more or which platform creates the websites.

According to the latest update:

            The world’s top one million sites in which there are 64.4% of websites are created by WordPress, here is the biggest market share of WordPress, on the other hand, Blogger there are 1.5% websites are created on the Blogger of the one million top websites.

So here you can compare that people are trusted which platform WordPress or Blogger. It depends upon you now.

Blogger vs WordPress-techitcore.com
Blogger vs WordPress-techitcore.com

According to popularity, the winner is WordPress.


Most people that create blogs are not web developers, mostly common man’s who just share their ideas with the world by creating a different post, creating different blogs.

Blogger is a simple tool in which you create your blog in just a few minutes, just you need a Gmail account to login into Blogger.com and just sign up and create your blog.

Blogger vs WordPress-techitcore.com
Blogger vs WordPress-techitcore.com

now you create your post easily by using Blogger but here are the limited features. Hm, limited features mentioned below don’t worry.

WordPress is the world’s most famous tool which you have no need for coding just learn how to use WordPress and how to use its plugins after a little bit of learning you create your blog just drag and drop. A little bit complicated as compared to Blogger.

Blogger vs WordPress-techitcore.com
Blogger vs WordPress-techitcore.com

So if we see Ease of use then Blogger is Winner.


Ownership means you have full freedom to edit or delete your blog at any time that you want and how to handle it and when to monetize our blog. So we see which platform is best for ownership.

Basically, Blogger services owned by GOOGLE.COM and google provide these all service which is easy and reliable and also gives many features for publishing our content. Although you are not owned this service, all services of Blogger kept by Google.com

WordPress provides us with paid hosting and without warning never shut down your blog as compared to Blogger which is shut down any time by google. You can purchase hosting on any other platform like HOSTINGER  which is the best hosting providing company. You can buy from there. So here is the Winner is WordPress.


For design, a blog in blogger there are very simple tools are availed where you create your blog but the little bit of problem is that features are limited, you can’t add new features and gadgets because already feature and gadgets build in the advertisement, subscription, or form, etc which provided by google already. just you can add or drop features that are already built-in.

So WordPress is open-source software, you can extend your blog as you need just imagine and you can do it on WordPress everything whatever you want. There are thousands of plugins are available in WordPress that you just drop and use it. More than  56 thousand free plugins are available in WordPress and also available premium plugins are available in WordPress, So according to your own choice, you can add new features.

Again Winner is WordPress.


Appearance plays a vital role in growing our blog if our first impression is looking pretty then the client is always attracted to the word over the blog.

In Blogger there are limited themes and templates are available which is basically due to thousands of people are watching these themes and templates already then the attraction level and appearance level decrease which affects the people and they can’t wait for our blog and skip it.

In WordPress, there are thousands of themes available free and premium. Just imagine it and the theme is available.


If you use Blogger then don’t worry because the owner of a blogger is google.com.

You don’t need any backup because google maintains itself.

WordPress is quite secure but it is self-foisted and so its security responsible is you who handle it. and should keep backup it. But here are multiple plugins available that provide security. So Don’t worry about your security.


ALTHOUGH a long time there is no update available in blogger.

and WordPress is an open-source software just imagine it and plugins are available.

The world’s most famous businesses which use cms(content management system) are on WordPress. Its future is bright because thousands of businesses are dependent upon and a high-level community handles it and developers, users. So don’t worry about that.

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