Biggest news of Fiverr before starting 2022

The biggest news of Fiverr before starting 2022 for his freelancers. Fiver Increase Autocomplete period of order extended to 8 days.

Good news for freelancers, Fiverr Increase Autocomplete period extended to 8 days. In my point of view that is good news for both buyer and seller because normally fiver gives 3 days for accepting an order that is not enough. But one important thing is that this extended date is only for the December holidays.

According to the Fiverr team

Buyers are less available and can be less receptive during the end-of-year time. This results in a higher number of autocompleted orders, which can impair customer satisfaction.

Biggest news of fiverr before starting
Biggest news of Fiverr before starting

We’re expanding the time your buyers have to assess delivery from 3 to 8 days for a better experience for both you and your purchasers. Orders will be automatically marked as finished after that time.

This adjustment is effective for any orders placed between December 22nd and December 31st, 2021.

Here’s to a prosperous and healthy year in 2022!

Please tell me about your experience and opinions about this new update of Fiverr.


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