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10 Most in-Demand Freelance Jobs for 2022

10 Most in-Demand Freelance Jobs

The freelance job market has exploded in recent years, so much so that it’s sometimes referred to as the gig economy or the sharing economy. While some people love the freedom of working this way, others prefer more traditional office jobs with established company culture and opportunities for advancement. In 2022, expect these 10 freelance jobs to be some of the most in-demand positions around. these are the best freelancing skills for Beginners and also the best freelancing skills for students.

1) Become a Virtual Assistant

As we become increasingly dependent on technology, a growing number of professionals—especially millennials—will turn to freelance as a way to earn extra money and manage their time independently. Virtual assistants will make an average of $36 per hour by 2022, compared with $24 hourly currently. And with median salaries on par with those of lawyers and engineers, it’s safe to say that VAs aren’t your grandpa’s little secretarial pool. As working from home becomes more popular than ever before, don’t be surprised if you find yourself too busy keeping up with freelancers!

2) Become an SEO Guru

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your website by using various methods to get your website to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. With so many new websites being created every day, it can be difficult to compete with other sites and stand out from the crowd. One way that you can ensure that your site rises above all others is by optimizing it through SEO techniques. As a result, you will be seen as an authority in your industry, which will allow you to grow your audience and convert them into paying customers. Whether you’re looking for freelance jobs on Fiverr or any other platform, a strong understanding of SEO has value. Techitcore provides you with a free SEO Course on the youtube channel go search techitcore and start learning free SEO courses.

10 Most in-Demand Freelance Jobs for
10 Most in-Demand Freelance Jobs for

3) Become a Remote Transcriptionist

According to FlexJobs, one of the most in-demand freelance jobs is remote transcription. Whether you’re typing up a recorded interview or transcribing a speech from an online webinar, working as a transcriptionist gives you flexibility and control over your schedule. The best part? Working as a remote transcriptionist doesn’t require any specialized training—anyone with a computer can do it. You could even set up shop at home while caring for children or aging parents; while you work, they’ll be nearby, supported by your supplemental income. In addition to meeting increasing demand (there will be 3 million jobs available by 2024), being a remote transcriptionist offers tremendous financial potential: Workers earn between $28 and $60 per hour on average!

4) Become an App Developer

Last year, app development was ranked No. 3 on a list of highest paying freelance jobs. The median annual pay for developers is $70,000 and only those with experience need apply. If you’re interested in learning how to develop apps but don’t have any formal training, there are some excellent resources out there (my favorite being Lynda) that can help. Check out our infographic above to learn more about what type of skills you need to become an app developer and where you should go to get them. And be sure to keep learning once you’ve been hired as well; new platforms emerging all the time and keeping up with everything will ensure your future job security.

5) Become a Web Developer

In 2019, it’s easier than ever to learn how to build a website. Almost all coding languages are free (and easy) to use online, and there are hundreds of online courses that help you learn specific programming languages. If you already have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can even try your hand at building a WordPress website. If not, it might be worth your time getting comfortable with these languages before diving into more complex or specific ones like Python or C++.

6) Become a Data Analyst

Data analysis jobs are one of those gigs that seem incredibly specialized, but really come down to a handful of core skills. At its most basic level, a data analyst is responsible for pulling numbers from existing reports and surveys and using them to present insights into a company’s performance and market trends. Data analysis professionals can look forward to opportunities in everything from marketing research to project management. And as long as businesses need information, there will be data analysts on hand to collect it. In fact, nearly every industry is looking for more data analytics pros—so if you have strong math skills (and don’t mind asking people questions), you might want to get started on your career path now!

7) Be an Infographic Designer

Though freelance jobs are often more meaningful and fulfilling than their full-time equivalents, most professionals think about them as a way to make some extra cash, not as a full-time job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make big bucks from your computer; over $1 billion worth of freelance work is commissioned every month on Toptal. Since 2015, web design has been one of the top three skills requested by clients worldwide. If you have coding experience and design talent, earning as much as $100 an hour should be possible. And you can even move into running your own studio or agency—by 2018 there will be a glut of 12 million skilled creative professionals who are looking for full-time jobs that don’t exist.

8) Be a Project Manager

Project managers help to organize projects and keep them running smoothly. In many cases, a project manager will work with other people from different departments and even different companies to complete a project or develop a product or service. The project manager works with everyone involved, making sure that everyone is aware of their role and working together on time. Being able to take charge of a project helps those who are interested in being successful freelancers to learn how important organization can be when it comes to completing tasks on time and effectively. Not only will they learn how to better manage themselves while juggling several projects at once, but they’ll also be able to manage multiple team members across different locations.

9) Be a Social Media Manager

If you’re not familiar with email marketing, it’s pretty simple: marketers use email (more specifically, a contact list) to notify customers about sales, promotions, and new products. Not only does email marketing help brands stay relevant and valuable to their audience, but it also helps people keep up with what they actually want or need. One study found that 90% of B2-B buyers trust industry resources over peer recommendations. It’s no wonder that email marketing is predicted to make $7 billion by 2019. The question is: how do you join a field that’s more than half a century old? In some cases, like with writing or translation services, it may be as easy as setting up an account on Fiverr.

10) Becoming an Email Marketer

How Do I Become an Email Marketer? The good news is that email marketing is relatively easy to do, even if you don’t have a website. Just like many freelance jobs, you can market yourself through your own network or through freelance sites, like Upwork or Fiverr. You’ll be expected to craft catchy subject lines, send compelling emails, and even design your own branded templates and landing pages. This can be more lucrative than other marketing positions; one study showed that email marketers charge an average of $26 per hour—and some charge as much as $62! If being an email marketer sounds interesting, check out our guide on how to become one. These are all jobs that we mention the above that are the Highest-paying freelance skills in 2022, In-demand freelance jobs in 2022 and these are also the best freelancing skills for Beginners

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